I liked this, it had a good feel to it, kinda chill but still edgy. Had a real vocal quality to it, like someone was singing it instead of playing it on the guitar. There were some slight issues though. The build up you start at bar 21 is problematic, you could take two routes to fix it:1) You could take out two or three notes to give it a more ringing, melodic quality, this would make it a strong melody, instead of a build up.2) You could leave this section, and fix bar 27. The complete stop of the music ruins the flow and really takes away from the song. If you want to keep this stop, then fill in the drums, having drums would make this section much better. At bar 35 the riff isn't dark enough to fit in with this song, and the eight notes kinda lame, switch up the timing. I really enjoy the riff from bar 17-20, absolutely the best part, very Porcupine Tree. If you haven't heard them pick up their new cd, should give you lots of idears. O and start the drums at bar 9.
wow , cool : in parts

Intro: veery weird but sounds great absolutly genius !
17-20 : nothing to complain about in here, like how you pick up the intro idea
21-24 : like the chord progression , it something different to the usual songs in here, the riff isn't that special but it fits the purpose
25-30: in my eyes the weakes part , you could work on this part and make it more interesting it's abit lame , known progression and rhytm , just maybe something a bit more creative , but it's still ok like the reprise after it

Solo is allright but it's way to short I'd say .. don't stop on the last chord that's just the beginning of a high end rock solo , the song has big potential , keep it coming , maybe a good solo and the a more developped outro could match this song.

still impressive
8/10 for the chorus part and the lack of soloing

Please C4C Identify

Thanks in advance