I was going to purchase some Warwick E.M.P. strings but I need some other opinions first. also what is the most common string size for bass guitars?
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Ive always played GHS's, they have always done well by me. and string length depends on the bass's neck length, and if the strings go through the body. they come in two lengths which is normal, and long scale. i doubt you will need long scale ( I need it on my five string, because the strings go trough the body and the neck is 35 inch's.) but standard length is probably what you need. what kind of bass to you have?
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There really isn't a "best" bass or guitar string. As long as you stay within a name brand, you'll be fine. GHS, Ernie Ball, and Rotosound are very good brands, but a lot more out there. As far as a common guage for bass...I think 45-105 seems to be norm.
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i use black coated Black Diamond strings. they feel and sound awesome and the black coat doesnt come off like all the other colored strings, i think mine are 40, 60, 80, 100; but medium gauges for them are 45, 65, 85, 105.
It's all personal preference. Here's mine:
Rotosound "Funk Masters". The G is gauge 30. These strings are the thinnest I have found, and get a great slap tone.
Roto's disappointed me. DR's are my favorite. There's no "BEST BRAND" However I would argue that Stainless Steels are the best type of string.
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^ Stainless steel are nice strings, but they chew up nickel frets. Very few basses IME have stainless steel frets, and without them, the strings will only shorten the lifespan of your frets. They also have a different tone than nickel strings, so again it's all personal preference.