Hi, I was thinking about having my Les Paul coil tapped to give it some more versatility,

What are the pros and cons of having this done?

Is it expensive to have it professionally done?

Will they really sound like single coils?

The searchbar was unhelpful (not a question but a statement).

Any help is sure appreciated.
Awesome thanks for the reply. Will it affect the sound of my humbuckers when it isn't activated?
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Awesome thanks for the reply. Will it affect the sound of my humbuckers when it isn't activated?

no coz all it does is send the signal of one of your pickups to ground (therefore muting it) so essentially, no it won't coz the current will flow normally.

and incase you haven't thought of it, push pull pot ftw.
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Look at Stag Mags.

They look pretty sweet, right now I'm digging the sound of the Burstbuckers that are already in my guitar, but maybe down the road...
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your pickups do have 5 wires right?

coz if they're humbuckers and they've only got 2 then you're ****ed (i'd say you aren't)

Not sure, I've never even taken off the back panel and I can't get to it righ tnow (I'm at work, supposed to be working). It has "Alnico V BurstBucker Pro pickups" installed at the moment.
yeh, i'd say they'd have 5, are they stock or did you buy them "aftermarket"?

EDIT: also, take off the back panel, it really help for everything, and the worst that can happen is a spontaneous meteor shower...
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Another question that comes to mind is do I get in both pickups or just one?

They are stock, Just what was in there when I got it at GC.
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depends whiche pickups are wired to it.

my advice would be to get 2 push-pulls, one for each pup, and put it in as tone, then you can have a variety of tonal possibilities...

Sounds smart, any idea roughly how much it would cost to have this done by a professional? Assuming I didn't have any of the parts, I just don't want to get ripped off.
oh, well in that case you'll need to take off the backplate and find out what wires are what.

if there are many different coloured wires, then this'll be the diagram you want:


EDIT: price should be about 15$ for all the wiring (i suggest you learn to wire stuff yourself, it save you alot of cash) but i've never had it done professionally.
you can most likely get push-pull pots from ebay or if you have a really good electronics shot in your area.
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