do these notes form any identifiable scale?

E F G A B flat C# D E

edit: D harmonic minor?
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As I can tell and please let someone say any different here! This doesn't form any scale known. It isn't chromatic even. Flat the six instead. You'll be closer to something. If it sounds cool good for you but no known scale exist for that configuration.
The closest I get to the d harmonic minor is this 1 #2 3 #4 5 #6 7. In other words
D F G A# B C# D. Lydian #6 #2. Chords that can be used 7, m7, 7b5, Delta, Delta minor, Delta b5.
yeah it took me a few minutes but i figured it out because D min is D E F G A Bflat C D, so... just sharp the seventh and BAM! harmonic minor