I'm looking at getting a stop tail ibanez xiphos, mahagony one piece body with dimarzio d activators for the humbuckers
i'm going to use it for alternate tunings, like drop c, drop b, stuff like breaking benjamin and slipknot, the highest would probably tune it would be drop d or MAYBE E flat,

i would like the thinnest strings possible, but to still be able to play in those tunings without the low strings being floppy,

so the real question is would just medium strings be good or should i use something else?

you could use .11's like ernie ball power slinkies which are 11-46 I think? or ernie ball skinny top heavy bottoms which are like 10-52 I think, but if your dropping more then one step, heavier gauges might be necessary. Although I use power slinkies and I'm tuned one step down.
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