Hey guys, I'm finally upgrading. I don't have much to work with, but I'm looking for something around 300$. I can wait a few weeks and bump it up to 400$ or 500$. I play many styles of music, but mostly metal. I don't drop tune, and I definitely don't want a FR or any floating bridge. I will take any brand, used or new.
i was in the same situation a before christmas. However I wanted a floating bridge so i got an Ibanez RG350dx (has an edge 3 liscensed floyd rose style bridge, not the best but it will work untill i replace it with an edge pro) . I personally love the sound and it stays in tune wonderfully, and i have not had to tune it in about 3 weeks and i play it at least 3 hours a day (this is with a proper setup).

Even though u say you dont, If you dont drop tune, you may actually like a FR style bridge because of added effects, its actually not bad once its properly setup and you mess with it for a while.

However, if your dead set on a fixed bridge, with your price range i would recommend a Ibanez RG series with a fixed bridge, they are great for any type of music, (however it really shines with metal). Shecter makes some guitars within your price range that i here are good for metal however i have no expierience.

But from personal expierence, go with Ibanez RG series (with a fixed bridge)
My friend can actually sell me an Ibanez Rg320 for 250$. I can just block the trem later. Is that a good deal?
get a schecter or a jackson.
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Get a schecter. They are great guitars for the money, and they have great quality control so the guitars are set up well as soon as you get them. I bought a schecter gryphon a few years ago for $300 and it still plays perfectly. Alot of them come with duncan designed humbuckers, but some come with real SD's or EMG's. If you get one with duncan designed then chances are it was cheap enough that if you really want to then you can swap out the humbuckers.

I don't love the Duncan Designed in my Gryphon, but they aren't so horrible that I can't play the guitar, it sounds fine, and the rest of the guitar is fine.

Oh also, SCHECTERS ARE BUILT LIKE TANKS! They are incredibly reliable, you can gig with them and they hold up well.
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