I've been looking through a few threads involing pedalboards etc... and was thinking about the power supplies available to power several pedals.
Is it worth spending around £100 on a supply such as the:

voodoo lab pedal power 2
bbe supa charger
Dunlop Brick

I'm getting round to making a pedal board, so will need a good power supply.
Also, any recommendations on which one of them is best, if any.

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i have a product called the Godlyke power supply. its a standard wall plug, with 5 extensions to power 5 full size pedals, with adapters for line 6 and others. its also only 25 bucks. check it out on musiciansfriend. great product. and it saves alot of space on a board.
thanks for the reply... but i'm not after a daisy chain supply, i already have one of those.
ive heard that these regulated power supply bricks stop alot of hum and help the tone.
anyone got suggestions for these bricks?
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flea in school? oh my....
I have used a Visual Sounds 1 Spot for over two years of gigging and it has worked like a charm.
I power a Big Muff Pi, a Tube Screamer, a DOD Milkbox compressor pedal, a Crybaby wah and a Digitech Hyperphase with no problems.
You're obviously looking at something with isolated outputs given you already have a daisy chain. Depending on how many pedals you have and what extra features you need, there are the Voodoo Labs thing and the BBE thing you've already identified. The only difference between those two is the Voodoo Labs PP2 can sag the voltage to the last two outputs and the BBE cannot. The DC Brick does not have isolated outputs, so I would not recommend it. You could also look at the T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior; it only has five 9V outputs that have no extra functioning on any output, but it runs $99.
I have a VooDoo Labs PP2+, and am getting another one very shortly (not because of a problem, because of an excess of pedals). I strongly recommend it.


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ok thanks, i'll look into getting either the voodoo labs or the bbe

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flea in school? oh my....
I use a One Stop to power eight pedal and have no problem. I do have it plugged into a power conditioner though. That is basically what the systems that you're looking are are. Surge/Conditioner. With that being said. They are all good. With that being said, pick one that is small or shaped so that it doesn't crowd your pedals.