Hey guys, i was just practicing some pentatonic exercises I found in a magazine and came across this one:

The magazine says to pick it up-down-down. However, to me it feels much more natural to pick it down-up-up , and i can do it quicker too. I know it should be what feels "best" to me, but if I practice the wrong way I dont want to have to change it sometime down the road, so if anyone knows what the "correct" or easier way to play it is, thatd be great. Thanks.
pick pattern.JPG
The magazine is telling you the more efficient way. Treat it like a tiny little sweep. Pluck the first note, then sweep the note on the 10th fret, and as you pull off, sweep up to the last note.

EDIT: Read it wrong. You're doing it the more efficient way. Ignore the magazine.
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what context is this piece in? is it just playing it by itself?

well, either way, up-down-down sounds about right to me. of course, whatever feels better for you is what you should use. personally i would do up-down-up
It's all about feel
I think that the magazines up and down are for when your looking at the tab, if your thinking about it being your guitar, then i would do down-up-up

So neither is wrong imo
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