[[edit]] obviously they wont make me play them better thats not the problem, the sound is the problem..
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size of strings has NOTHING to do with how they solo...
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size of strings has NOTHING to do with how they solo...

It Kind of does
People obsess over SRV & his 13's
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Strings will not allow you to do solos, practice will.

Slash and Angus have more of a classic rock vibe and they probably stick with gauge .10-.46

Hammet either uses a .52 for the low E to drop tune with standard gauge or again .10-.46

As far as SRV and his .13's, yes generally the rule is they give you better tone the higher the gauge, however they are harder to play and will not make you play like SRV.
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No matter the size, I know slash and hammet use ernie ball. Idk about angus.
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higher the gauge depends srv has 13's cause hes a blues player and lots of blues and jazz guys go for those cause the tone of them is a generally warmer and rounder sound
i think slash uses 10's [edit - i see below that he uses 11's], but i KNOW that angus and malcom both use at least a 12 guage, possibly 13.

gauge of string DOES matter, because the thicker the string is, the less it wobbles when you strike it, and the more in tune it sounds. so if you like to really whoop on the strings, work your way up to 12's. if you have a lighter touch, use a lighter gauge
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slash uses .11-.48 ernie ball power slinkys. hammett i think uses ernie ball .10-.52's.
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Thicker strings don't necessarily give you better tone. The thicker the string, the less the vibration, and the more compression you get the through the amp.
slash uses ernie ball super slinkys 9,11,16,24,32,42 real smooth feel but only pratice will help play better man, only wish they made magic strings
thanks for hte help guys.. for the people telling me strings wont help practice will.. isnt that a little bit over the top obvious advice? im not a half retard, just my daddario xtra lights sound exceptionally treble-ey compared to the solos i love.
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zac504 your full of it slash has always used 11's he now uses the new ernie ball Cobalt hints the adds hes done for them hence the reason i started using them every body pay attention its simple purple strings putple dunlop tortex picks