Hello, Ive been playing for about 8 months now, and I think im in some sort of rut, I dont think im getting better

I dont know if i can afford lessons, so can you guys recommend anything to help me ctually get better?
I would strongly recomend you check out 2 books called Creative Guitar 1 and Creative guitar 2 by the incredible Guthrie Govan.

Both really helped me get out of a rut a few years ago and i reckon they could do the same for you.

I think every gets this rut at a certain point. For me, it was the point that I was sick of learning songs, but intimidated by theory. This guys site really helped me see that theory was easy and so extremely beneficial.
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There's a guy on here called Freepower. Check out his signature. If you follow his lessons you'll be on the right track. The most important things when starting are to get a decent-ish guitar, try not to form bad habits, and practice hard. Don't become discouraged, it will take a long time to see any results. Good luck.