Im stuck in this power chord metal phase and im dying to start doin leady blues stuff

ive been practicing the A minor petatonic scale and the A blues scale..my alternate picking is getting very good and i can play the scales quite fast.

im havin a problem just makin something good sound out of it

one practice is to not play the scale straight from top to bottom, mix it up a bit.
You know you're regular A minor blues scale, if you have a looping pedal play something simple like Am, CM, Em [A minor blues fits into this]

and play starting from the bottom. My favorite way to start is

e: 8-5
b 8-5
g: 7-5
d 7

and then turn it into something like [changing order of strings]

D 7
G 5- [bend]7 - 5

i'm sorry if this isn't really clear its hard writing tabs onto this thing, i hope i could help
Well, it sounds like you hit the 'lead wall'. I like where you're starting with it, and here is what you do. PLAY WITH THE SCALE! Don't be a classical guitarist who has to play with it a certain way (no bash to classical guitarist but some of them are the most emotionless players). improvise with it. Try bending all the notes you can, add vibrato, change positioning (move from A jazz to D jazz scale through sliding to their corresponding notes.)

Hell, play it skipping notes and see what sounds good. Try adding chords and a fill lick in that scale inbetween 'em.

I'm certainly no expert, but thats how you have fun and discover new sounds. Good or bad, new sounds help you learn to sound better.
I started playing guitar with all metal. Aftger going to a few jam nights at the pub and being inspired by local players the blues started flowing. Jam with as meny different players if you have the opportunity even if they are'nt as good or efficient as yourslf you still learn something from them.
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It doesn't matter how fast you can play a scale, it simply isn't important. What IS impotant is how well you understand the scale and how familiar you are with the sounds it contains and how it interacts with your chords.

Just being able to move your fingers up and down a pattern doesn't achieve much in the greater scheme of things.
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