hi everyone.. im going to buy a new guitar.. and ive narrowed my choices to these guitars.. Yamaha FG700s and Alvarez rd20s..

what du u think about the craftmanship of these to guitars.?
They are both fantastic. Two of the best guitars in their price range. Can't go wrong either way.
tnx.! its just that im a bit woried maybe.. these guitars are just good when their new.?

but thanks man.!
I'm a bit confused... you wouldn't expect the guitar to be good when new?
hehe no.. i mean. uhmm. like after few weeks maybe their tunning machines are not working good anymore.? stuffs like that.. you know.?
Oh ok now I understand what you are worried about. You shouldn't have to worry about anything like that on either of these guitars. Both companies make much better than average guitars in this price range and both companies have great quality control.
okay.. now im good.. hmm
just another question.? how about the yamaha fg750 and a blueridge br40.? im not very sure about this one.. i think blueridge guitar is not good in the long run.? is it.?