So Ive decided to build my own Strat and have looked into it plenty lately. Question for you guys- Is it better/cheaper to:

A: Buy a Squier guitar. This way I already have the body, wiring, output jack, knobs, and pick guard. Then I can replace pickups,neck, and possibly bridge/tremolo

B: Buy all the parts individually

C: Buy MIM Strat and go from there

Im leaning towards A, because I just want a cheap way to get the body and all the wiring(Im not too confident in installing the pots on my own and Im assuming they are all pretty much wired the same?)

Lemme know what you think
I did option a and am working on building my own right now, however all i'm using is the neck and the body i'm gonna scrap all the other parts to get better quality ones.
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Wood from buying separately or a MIM would be much higher quality than a Squier, giving you a better fundamental tone.
B or C, but if you buy a Squier replace the neck because mine, and my buddys bowed. Maybe thats not the case for all of them.

Theres a good place for parts.^

and heres a good place for a the DIY stuff.^
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look for a johnson strat. solid alder body, maple neck, and u can find em for less than what you pay for a squire. they have emg liscenced pickups.
sorry to do this but NONE OF THOSE ARE BUILDS!!! It's a pet peeve of mine when i see the word build i expect something to be built

aaaaaanywayyy, a squier is a great platform to mod from. it has decent stock parts and almost everything fits onto a squier
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squiers suck as we all know. the electronics are no exception and you will probably get noise from bad sheilding/wiring/pots/soldering. plus even with a replaced neck the neck joint in the body of a squire probably wont be as exact a cut as a decent warmoth body. you might want to look into buying a prewired pickguard to get your electronics. lace makes some with a few different pup combos that will drop right into a strat body without even soldering. if i was pouring my heart and soul into a project guitar i would want nothing in it that was scraping the bottom of the bargain barrel. good luck with it. i vote option B.
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I definitely plan on replacing the neck if I go Squier, and want to put some Hot Noiseless or Vintage pickups in it no matter what I go with body-wise.

Heres where Ive been looking for parts -http://stores.shop.ebay.com/The-STRATosphere__W0QQ_armrsZ1

They claim to have official Fender stuff and have TONS of feedback, so Im assuming its legit. I would get the neck and other parts from them, then the pickups from GC.

I calculate it like this

A: Squier Affinity for body/electronics-200
Neck- 175
Tuning pegs-20
Bridge/Tremolo-100(If Squiers say "Squier" on them)= $650ish total

C: Fender MIM- 350

Guess it might just make more sense to go MIM
Quote by MichaelOfCanton
you might want to look into buying a prewired pickguard to get your electronics.

The Stratosphere has these too and theyre pretty reasonably priced. They have bodies and everything else too so I guess theyre a fair option too. The fact that its ebay and most of the stuff is up for bid could mean that I end up paying more for all these individual parts than I would to buy an MIM.