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Who taught you to spell?

my thoughts exactly

Edit: to contribute, I was taught by one of the current touring bassists for Mannheim Steamroller
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used to be self-taught, now i have a teacher
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#14 it's a great site if you want to learn guitar. you should check it out sometime. that's how i learned/am still learning
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i learned from a guitar teacher for the first two years or so. i wouldnt go back and teach myself for the world, guitar teachers are so helpful when youre starting out.
I have no opinion on this matter.
I think you mean 'taught' not 'tought' and it's 'you', not 'u'. People will take your threads more seriously if you can put in the effort to spell the thread title correctly, and your first post. There is no reason to use 'u' instead of you. If you can't spell something, an easy way to get the right spelling is to open a word document and check the word there.

And to answer your question, I had a teacher for two years and for the last few months I have been teaching myself.

There are quite a few threads about the topic of self taught or having a teacher. I suggest you use the search next time so you don't make a thread that has already been made. To search click the link that says search. It's at the top of every page of the forums, below the list of links that start with 'guitar tabs'. If you can find the link to search, I'm sure you can work out how to search from there.
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John mayer, Jack Johnson, John Lennon, John Williams, Paul McCartney, Cat Stevens,: indirect teaching ( influence, if you must)
My uncle and family.. a bit direct and indirrect
I taught my self. I couldn't afford a teacher when I started playing.

Actually, I still can't afford one

It was the only task I would undertake...

I P R O G reap the harvest that was mine

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I took lessons for a couple years but in the end it was mostly myself, always suprised my guitar teacher by how quickly I was advancing - he taught me the basics but I learnt harmonics, pinch harmonics, sweeps (still working on that ), and whatnot by myself. The great thing about taking lessons is that he taught me different playing styles, everything from basic blues to smashing pumpkins to anything I'd bring in.
I came here to bash your spelling but I think the point got across already and my
"Did you teach yourself to spell too?" comment will now be redundant.
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I came here to bash your spelling but I think the point got across already and my
"Did you teach yourself to spell too?" comment will now be redundant.

Meh, Im gunna do it anyways

who tought u type?
i have had the same teacher for 5 years and have learnt everything i know from her.

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i tought myself guitar but who tought u???

my condolences......
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Pffffffft schematics

Although i guess the OP will have to get used to reading them if he's going to buy a bugera..
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along with fire escape routes...

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my teacher and myself? what is the point of this thread, im pretty sure we all know what the answers are gonna be.
ZeGuitarist. He has GREAT articles!
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I pretty much taught myself except for random little tidbits my dad or brother showed me.
And i like the way i learned.
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I teach myself but my older brother has taught me quite a few things.
Looks like you taught yourself English as well.

EDIT: ^ Not if you actually know how to type and actually care how people interpret your opinions and intelligence (bad grammar on the internet is usually generalized as a sign of bad intelligence).
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