i would love to start writing my own music, mainly solos, and my hero would be slash's solos because they just sound amazing... where do i get started on learning how to do it?

ps. my bad if this is the wrong spot to put this thread.
learn pentatonic scales all the way up the neck in several keys and jam to jam tracks.

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learn slashs solos and pick out your favorite little licks you like and use them and the pentatonic over backing tracks or just jam with guns n roses and then youll start sounding like slash
Learn music theory, especially how modes work. Play lots of solos from bands you like and figure out how they are put together, how the dynamics work, how they create mood and flow, what sort of rhythmic structures they use.

It's like cooking. Learn how all the ingredients work, learn to make great dishes and understand why they taste great, and you can come up with your own original recipes.
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Learn different scales until you find one you really like, the jam around with it and eventually you will come up with some awsome solos.