Okay, here's the deal.
I started playing guitar at 11/12 ish, I'm going to be 18 this year.
I suck.
I'm very sloppy.
I actually know why I'm so ****, it's because even though I played the guitar often, I never really practiced, I just stuck with what I knew and didn't really bother to get better.

I want to get better.
By better, I mean, I want to be able to play fast, I want to be able to play different styles/techniques, I want to be able to improvise. Most importantly I want to be able to play with accuracy and not be some uber sloppy guitarist.

I have no intentions of being a "shredder", I just I want to be more technically proficient at the guitar.

I'd say I want to be more of a guitarist that is able to come up with interesting sounding licks/riffs/whatever.

I just don't know where to start, I know this is very vague, but maybe some of you can help me out here?

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Start small. Get yourself a metronome and use it daily, even for 30mins to an hour. Play scales, up and down. Start VERY slow. 16ths at 40bpm, for example. Do this every day and slowly build up. 1bpm per day even. Don't try too much to play faster than you can, this will only destroy the muscle memory you have been working on. In a matter of months, you will notice BIG improvements.

Run all the scales, arpeggios, both major and minor.

One to two hours a day of practice is enough. It's all about doing it on a regular basis. One hour a day for a year will make you a pretty excellent player if you keep at it.

Study theory, play by ear. Split your practice into halves. Spend half the time learning scales and theory and the rest jamming or learning a new song. Do not play stuff you know over and over.

Download this:


Fantastic excersizes that will get you making improvements in no time.

Just make sure you balance it with songs, and jamming to backing tracks too.
Good luck.
Thanks alot chris! your advice is greatly appreciated.
And thanks to the 2 other people too!

I can't seem to download the file though, is it possible you could send it to my email address or redirect me to another host or something? If it's not too much trouble that is.
My email is swiftiey1@gmail.com.

thanks again