WARNING Long paragraph that's probably really irrelavent to anything you are doing right now..............

Ok, so there's this girl that I really like. She's everything that I look for in a girl (funny, hot, sweet personality, etc.) and I know that she likes me back a lot (she's told me) but theres a problem.

This all goes back to about a week ago. My friend Zak gave me her number and we started talking. We hit it off really fast and we could be both really enjoyed each other's company. The only problem was that one of her friends, who she has known forever, really likes her too. He asked her out pretty much an hour before I did (no joke) and she accepted him. However, she pretty much neglected him and talked to me.

So after about two days, she decides to leave him and date me. So Tuesday, she and I went out to the movies together. We had a great time and ended up making out (not bad for a first date). So I take her home thinking that everything is gonna be going great for awhile................WRONG!!

Now she's hooked back up with that other guy. But she said she still really likes me. I feel like absolute and utter crap right now. I really like her, I feel that we have a connection. Any ideas on what to do?

Inb4: rape her
Tell her that you'd expect more from her. Girls hate to hear that ****.
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Call her house with your multiple personalities, thus metaphorically mocking her multiple dating patterns.
Put this all in a blog and look for answers there?

PS: It's an unwritten rule that the TS can't say "inb4" it's a written rule that saying "inb4" is a warnable offense
Let her do her thing with the other dude. Soon she will be back to you stronger than ever.
Pursue her a bit longer. If she keeps switching back between you guys, forget her.
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Ugh she sounds like a *****. I bet she's a liar too. Don't take her back, she'll play you both.
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dude, no need to feel bad, if anything you should be dissappointed in her for doing this. serisouly. same kidna thing just happend. just tell her that you are VERY disappointed in her recent actions and that its most likely gonna change your views and relationship between you both.
Find another girl. If she can't decide between you and somebody else, she isn't 100% devoted to you. There are tons of fine women in this world, there will be more. I learned that after several relationships like the one you mentioned.
Sleep with her sister, who is secretly sleeping with her brother, your friend finds out, cheats on her boyfriend with you, her boyfriend finds out you're sleeping with her, then he will get pissed.

(doesn't Jerry Springer help?)