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30 26%
video lessons
14 12%
97 84%
8 7%
Voters: 115.
took lessons early on. 6 moths in gave up the lessons and slef taught. a year and a half in im much better and now plan on talking lessons for theory.
I took lessons for a while but I had to stop because money got really tight and now I'm self taught and much better
I took lessons for about 5 or 6 months from the guitarist in my church's praise band. Then I got too busy to practice and continue taking lessons, so I kind of stopped playing for a while. Over the summer I started to teach myself a little bit, and now I'm in a youth praise band at my church.

My only problem is that when I was taking lessons, I was learning to play rhythm guitar. I'm not too good at lead stuff. Maybe lessons from my local shop would help.
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UG, and Power tab, then i buckled down and used UGs lessons section to learn theory, then i had one of my friends who was in the orchestra teach me how to read treble cleff, then bass cleff (which i think is the top bar A and the bottom G). and for stuff like pinch harmonics i watched a video on youtube. the funniest part is it all spawned from me being too good at GH2, which the franchise as a whole helped me with picking and finger speed. so i don't know its a self taught from reading lessons up until i had to read music for jazz band, but most of my self teaching comes from UG. I guess that i am literally a guitarist created by this website (thankfully i avoided the pit until i was close to finished learning the basics)
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I taught myself, but I read all those stupid Guitar World lessons from people like Kirk Hammett, Dimebag Darrell, Fredrik Thordendal, etc., so yeah.
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i tought myself guitar but who tought u???

myself...kinda ****ed myself that way though....was playing too many power chords when I started out.
I tought myself with an acoustic and a chord sheet that came with it. Since then ive gotten a bit better, but like i heard above i need lessons for a bit of theory. But i use youtube quite a bit too, lotsa helpful stuff on there
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i have been teaching my self i also took some lessons at church but that guy could not teach well
but im kind of doing ok with the self teaching im doing ok could be better i use youtube
Taught myself using resources such as magazines, TAB, theory books and the interwebular directorizor.
A great mixture

I've been taking lessons on guitar since 7th grade
I've been taking music related lessons (Violin and Viola along with theory classes) since 3rd grade (started with teh violin then moved on)

I now have 2 guitar teachers, one who teaches me jazz and blues (the guy that started me on guitar in 7th grade) and my professor here at teh University who teaches classical

I also taugh myself a decent deal of theory, which I then had expanded upon by various teachers, I also taught myself some techniques that neither of my teachers really use or teach much of.

So a great mixture, but what works best for me is from lessons from people.

whether its my two instructors or friends of mine who play different things than I do.
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I started lessons with this dude we knew through the family, and when i started outplaying him, his son started teaching me. And still IS teaching me.
I taught myself. I'd never even considered using the internet to learn until about 9 years in. Oh well, maybe I'm a better person for it.
I took lessons for about 1 1/2 years to 2 years, hopping from teacher to teacher. Now I'm self-taught and I've progressed much more.
my dads friend from highschool is a piano teacher and played guitar on the side, he taught me for a while, he was ****ty at guitar but knew his theory really good, so it was unballanced, he tought me 99% theory and zero percent technique, I kinda regret it now, i'm far behind where i should be as a guitarist.
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i had a tutor to teach me the basics and how to read sheet music. I also learnt finger picking but after a year i decided i didn't really want to do it anymore because i had other stuff so i became self taught there after. The decision came off pretty good too.
I think it's funny how people(not just here, everywhere) say, "Ah I had lessons for a 2 months/6 months/1 year but it didn't work out so I'm self taught."
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