Is there any way to play one guitar track in audicity while recording another? I want to lay in a second guitar part but i cant figure out how to play back the other track while i record the second part.
Just click on the beginning of the part of the track where you want to overdub ( or perhaps a little before that) and hit the record button. The track should play while you record.

Unless you tried that already...then maybe your problem is more complicated than I thought.
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What os are you using? All I can tell you is to change your preferences to play other tracks while recording. It would help to know how your recording (how your guitar is interfacing with the computer.) having a lot of RAM and a fast Processor will help while you recording as well and give you better latency response
I am recording from a pod into a soundblaster audigy sound interface. I have a decent speed cpu and 2 gigs of memory
I'm not at home, but it should be under edit > preferences, or something of the like (options, maybe?). There's a box you can check so that it will play the other tracks while you record a new one. If you don't want to play all the tracks while recording a new one, simply mute the ones you don't want to be played.
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