this guitar is about 2 weeks old, and mint, with all the stickers and plastic on the PG and more..

I upgraded and purchased a new TSA02 case for it

it's setup for low action and screams, the USA Noiseless pups are quiet with NO hum and produce a wonderful sound, plus these come with the 7.1 switching..

here's some specs..

* 4-ply brown shell pickguard
* 12" neck radius
* Medium-jumbo frets
* Gold hardware
* 3 Vintage Noiseless single-coil pickups
* Push-button switch activates bridge pickup in positions 4 and 5 of blade switch for 7 pickup configurations

the music I play I use a HB more than single coils and it's making it hard for me to get the sound I want for the harder rock we are starting to play..

I'd like to trade it with case for something nice with buckers..

this guitar retails for $630 and the case for $100 and up..

I'd like to trade for

Schecter Classic with case
Gibson VM with case
upgraded Epi LP with case
Gibson LP Special with case

or whatever you're thinking about trading..

no shredders please

here's a pic.. or 2.....



thanks for looking

trade for an epiphone les paul standard? with soft case though?
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just realised that your in America, don't think it could work sorry.
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I did it in the church confession booth. i jizzed all over the mesh in an attempt to hit the priest.
Possible trade for a Schecter C-1+ with a hard case?
Or how much would you sell it for?

Schecter C-1 Plus
Ibanez Gio GRX40

Kustom Coupe 36'

Fender AG-15

still looking for a Schecter Classic with case..

cash price would be $600

comes with a brand new TSA Case and schallers installed..
wow that looks nice... shame im broke or id snatch it up from ya...
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still looking for that Schecter Classic with case..

or hit me up with other trades..


these are MIM body and necks filled with American parts and electronics, american vintage noiseless pups..