Why am i asking this? because im torn between the rock sound of a fender, and the ska sound and look of a les paul, but after playing on a gibson finally im now officialy torn. Or since the gibson explorer amp model on my flextone is so good, do you think that'd be enough and i could get a fender?
Ask questions if you have any

Right I almost forgot im using a flextone...seing as some of my other amps are...eh "on vacation" and won't be back for a long time. OTherwords need repairs don't have the money to do so, and im using the gibson thingy on it because i like that sound.
I play other styles though so thats why i was wondering, seing as how i like to especially play rock, and no i don't mean that nu metal ****. Gay.
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It doesn't matter. If this is a guitar question, it belongs in another forum. If it's an amp question, it belongs here, but what the hell are you talking about?

If it's a guitar, it boils down to personal preference. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Gibson Explorer amp model?
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Isn't most ska played on fenders?
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Gibson Explorer amp model?

The Gibson GA-18 or GA-18T (T for tremolo) was a small combo, also labeled "explorer". I think some other amps have had the name too.
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Isn't most ska played on fenders?

Lots of Ska guys use Strats or Teles yeah.
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I saw Reel Big Fish sunday and the Trumpet/Guitarist played some kind of Fender Jag through a Twin. It produced the worst tone I've ever heard come from a guitar.

Tone is not that important in ska judging from that concert but you would probably be better off with a guitar that has humbuckers in it as opposed to single coils. Thomas from Streetlight manifesto was playing a Gibson hollowbody and the guy from Tip the Van was playing a high end Epiphone LP.
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You should ask your local music dealer. Ska is regional. Ask your music store what kind of rig you need for "local ska." They know all that stuff.
I don't think that there would be a huge difference between the two if you're using a flextone. They are awesome amps'n'all but a one guitar won't sound THAT much different than the other, unless you're comparing a Gibson ES-335 with an RG loaded with SD Blackouts or something...

..which you're not
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Tone is not that important in ska judging from that concert but you would probably be better off with a guitar that has humbuckers in it as opposed to single coils.


Anyway, it's all down to personal preference. But aas posted already, alot of ska bands uses teles.
Personally I use an Epi lp for ska, it just sounds warmer and gives a fuller tone than any tele I've played. Although it really does come down to personal preference and my general distate for Fenders.
I play an Ibanez RG loaded with a pair of Ibanez V8 and V7 and it can still nail a great trebly ska clean tone, and then it's also great for distorted sections and solo's, but i can definatly see why some people favour single coils. Just try out what you like and get what you like the best.
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It really depends on what sub genre of ska you want to play, if you want to play the thrashy thin sounding kind of ska, use a strat style guitar with SC's.

If you want more older styles of ska, which arent as thin/ harsh sounding get a LP or any guitar with humbuckers, even a strat with a S-S-H will do for this.

You'll notice a diffrence between single coils and humbuckers!
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ska has several different distinct sounds, for my ska tone i use my telecaster, but i love the ska tone with a les paul. try both and just see what you prefer