Hello everyone.

I have an Ampeg 8x10 cabinet, its still covered in the black tolex. There is nothing wrong with it, i am just tired of the black, and would like to paint it with my own designs and put some original artwork on it.

Is there any kind of specific paint I should use? Ive heard that Kyrylon Fusion spray paint works good on top of tolex, but, if i want to use a brush, what kind would work best, and what kind of spray paint would look best also.


you can buy new tolex, thats what most people do.

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Fusion would be good. Rust-Oleum for plastic works too. Maybe use some stencils?

As for brushing...I don't know of any made specifically for plastic. I'm no expert, though. Maybe you could spray some onto a palette of some sort (cardboard?) and use a brush from there?

Also, like Humanity said there's tons of places to get different-colored tolex, or even a completely different material to cover it with.
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yeah, i know i could retolex it, but i enjoy putting the work in and painting things myself.

i always buy all white vans(shoes) and them put my artwork on them, so i figured, why not do this to my cab too.

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I'd reccomend taking the tolex off, and then painting. That way, once you regret ruining a $1000 cab like that, you can re-tolex it.
...or, he could paint the tolex, so if he doesn't like it it can come off.
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Don't forget to paint a port and a tweeter on the cab!
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...or, he could paint the tolex, so if he doesn't like it it can come off.

Do this. I have no idea what paint is best, but this makes sense.
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But, I'm guessing Painting on the Tolex, would be similar to painting on a Flat Surface.

I'm not very artsy. but, I'd say, anything would work, if it doesn't wipe it off quick!
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acrylic paint would prolly work fairly well.
car paint would most likely work.
Really most any spray paint will work.

I would recomend taking anything that can come off off. and taping the rest. Really well. If you get crap on the cones, then they will pretty much be worthless.
Doing a crazy color on the grill would be pretty dang cool.