Im looking for a pair of headphones that are wirless but have a cable in. Alternitivley they could have a 60 hour battery life and take about 3 to recharge - to mach my mp3 cowon d2. Wirless for the guitar playing at night.

Anyone kow of such a pair? I am affter some pretty stunning noise qaulity and therefore will ing to pay a bit.


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Whatever you do don't get noise cancelling ones. They don't go well with guitar monitoring/monitoring in general
....so you want a pair of wired wireless headphones?
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Your post was really hard to read and understand, but I had the same reaction as the above post. "wirless but have a cable in"

And you're not going to find 60 hour battery life that takes 3 to recharge. Hell, you'd struggle to find 60 hours battery life full stop.

And what amp is it? Judging by your post, you may not know that most valve amps do not have headphone outs (if you have one).

And I've never had a need for noise cancelling headphones. Firstly, I don't get any noise and secondly, I feel that they compress the sound a bit.