im wanna rewire my 4x12 marshall cab so only 2 of the speakers are working becuase 4 is to loud for what i do and i wanna crank my amp louder. i dont have the money to buy a brand new 2x12 cab so please dont flame me for this dumb question.
Lower the volume ?

Or.. Attuenator or something
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You could get a volume pedal and turn the pedal down a lot. It'll send a weaker signal to the amp so that when you crank it, its not as loud.

You could do the same with the volume knobs on your guitar.
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Changing it from 4 speakers to 2 speakers is not going to make it noticeably quieter. More speakers doesn't equal more volume it just makes the sound more full.

If you are using a 100watt head its still going to push 100watts regardless of whether it is going into 4 speakers or 2. If you want less volume you need to get, a smaller amp, an attenuator, or turn down the volume.

I am going to assume you are running an MG halfstack. That cabinet has enough trouble sounding decent with all 4 speakers active I don't know how that would sound with 2 speakers disconnected. My guess is it will be twice as crappy with half the speakers.
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If it's a 1960, there should be a switch on the back that will do this for you. I've seen some without the switch, but those were older. Recent production models all have them. Anyway, set the switch to 'stereo' instead of 'mono' and each input jack becomes 8 ohms and only uses two speakers each. You can even run two amps into the cab this way.
It won't make it noticeably quieter.
The only way you could fix that is with an attenuator or a new amp.

To the statements above... And to add, when you just run 2 speakers out of a closed back 4x12 cab your tone will usually go to sh!t. Your basically doubling the air space behind the speakers so it knocks things out of whack quite a bit. Only way around this would be to make it an open back as well.