As the title of the threat states... are there any computer based programs I can use to read how many decibels my amp pushes?

I'm curious to see how loud my Fender Bandmaster is compared to other amps (my specific setup). Recently I've been exploring getting a 100 watt amp but I've read that theres only a 3db difference between a 100 watt and 50 watt amp generally.

My buddy has a 100 watt amp and I cut right through his rhythm volume with my 40 watt bandmaster and it just seems very loud for the rating.
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Nope, you need a DB meter.

I'm sure there's a digital program for it, but you need something to measure it with.

A normal microphone can't be used for that, cause it will break up beyond a certain DB lvl and won't register it.

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Remember wattage isn't volume, as most of those pretty watts are burned off as heat. You also have to take into account EQ-ing.
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