hello everyone

I'm really enjoying learning guitar, simply an amazing instrument!!! I was hoping to get some advice on intermediate books to take my playing to the next level. I've just completed: How to Play Guitar: Everything You Need to Know to Play the Guitar by Roger Evans

So i'm really comfortable playing and switching between several basic chords. I've also learned a few of my favorite songs by reading tabs i've found online.

I would like to get some suggestions on intermediate guitar books, specifically:

1) learning more notes/chords/etc beyond the 1st position and maneuvering around the entire fretboard.
2) fingerpicking or fingerstyle as I really like this style of playing

I'm a really good book learner and would appreciate ANY and ALL book suggestions.

thanks in advance for your help and happy playing
Anyone? I've looked at suggestions from amazon reviewers but I need some solid recommendations.
I am also a strong book learner and I went through the entire library of guitar lesson books... I honestly can't recommend one that satisfied me but I learned bits and pieces out of each. I guess what I recommend is stop by the library - check the ones with decent reviews out because (and someone could easily disagree) you're not going to learn everything you need from one book. Then take the time to go through them and play each exercise that you read.

If you're at a level where you play like a beginner but feel like you are ready for more advanced stuff then just KEEP practicing. You will be there in no time. Work on those chords and scales... just get better at that basic stuff.
thanks Kaos. Any thoughts on this book.

Guitar Fretboard Workbook by Barrent Tagliarino


It's supposed to be good for unraveling the fretboard maze. I just feel like i'm at a very critical stage and I don't want to develop any bad habits or techniques, hence why i'm looking for a solid intermediate or advanced book.

I'm also curious about your current level. What kind of songs do you play? About how long did it take you to achieve a very decent level?

thanks again
You are right, you are at a very important stage and I think you are going about it correctly if you are asking this many questions. Give that book a read but don't be disappointed if it doesn't magically unravel the fretboard maze for you. Like I said, invest as much as you want into books(the library is free) and get as much as you can out of each one. Just to reiterate though, I don't know of or believe that there is one book to teach you everything.

Also, I recommend EITHER a teacher or textbooks; or both. Spend a lot of time with guitar in hand practicing all your basics everyday. Stick with scales, alternate picking, finger-picking, economy picking, and your chords and common inversions while keeping bad habits in the forefront of your mind. Then spend a smaller chunk of time with a book and try to apply what you read to each practice session.
Also, a point that I wanted to make is don't overwhelm yourself with text if you don't have enough time to hold your guitar and soak it in.
once again...my sincere thanks for your quick responses kaos.

currently i'm practicing 7 days a week for about 4 hours each day. I try to diversify between learning chords/etc and playing some nice tunes from bands I like, right now i'm trying Dave Matthews and some folk songs for fingerpicking practice. The one thing i'm finding though is that most books don't have instructions on which fingers to use(p,i,m,r) to play the song, so I end up inventing and using whatever seems "natural" to me, but not sure if this is the correct way.

But i'm going to do as you say and get my hands on any book I can and hope to learn some good bits from each one.
That's how I've been playing for the past few months. If you tighten up your practice and keep bad habits out, you should see improvement weekly if not daily. The key is TIGHTENING your practice sessions. Since I know that you like written guitar lessons - try Googling or browsing UG's lessons for practice tips.

Fingerpicking is using the thumb for all bass strings. Strings E, A, D. And then the index for the G string. Middle for B string. Ring for E string. That is basic fingerpicking. Edit: I just want to share two songs that I remember from 'back then' to learn this technique. "Everybody Hurts" and "Is Anybody Out There". I hope you like those two songs because they helped me immensely.

To answer an earlier question about my playing ability - I am very critical of myself. I am happy with each advancement that I make but I am dissatisfied with imperfection. Musicians that I play with think I am something and I'm working with them on advanced techniques and theory. I began by playing classic rock and then, as I've learned to sing, to folk and blues, and as I've learned to compose to jazz and Hendrix-influenced rock.
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