on what exactly?
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^ aren't most of the best people who were there dead?
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uhm, the thought of it being 40 years since the first Woodstock and the possibility of a Woodstock 2009

The last time they attempted Woodstock people were raped...
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The last time they attempted Woodstock people were raped...

People from 'The Pit' would fit in well then.
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Is there any black people on UG?
I don't think a lot of black people play guitar anymore.

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they all kinda went extinct after hendrix really.

Needless to say, I lol'ed.

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Appart from being on UG or wanking, thats what i mostly do
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*UNLESS* they did it proply like the 69' festivle





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My God, this must be the smartest/greatest guy ever.
I doubt Woodstock will ever be done again due to the problems with the last one.

Yu might find the Woodstock DVD and stuff will be re-released though.

And then I found this...


Which says;

"Woodstock 2009 is a music festival planned to occur August 15 and 16, 2009 in New York and August 22 and 23, 2009 at the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, Germany. The event is currently being planned by Michael Lang, promoter of the previous Woodstock festivals. The promoters have advertised that the event will be free of charge at both locations and will include most of the original Woodstock Festival performers in addition to current top acts . The slogan of the 40th Anniversary festival is "For a green World – It's a free concert from now".[1][2]"
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^ aren't most of the best people who were there dead?


Richie Havens
Ravi Shankar
Melanie Safka
Arlo Guthrie
Joan Baez
Keef Hartley
Country Joe McDonald
John Sebastian
Sly And The Family Stone
The Who (they're still going, anyway)
Joe Cocker
Johnny Winter
Neil Young


Bert Sommer
Tim Hardin
Janis Joplin
Paul Butterfield
That other guitarist guy.

Plenty of them are still alive. I didn't bother checking most band members though.
They should have one, like the last 30 years, but they are building a museum on the spot where the first one was.
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