When you find a tab on the Internet, it may be over seven pages to print out. But if you look more closely at it, you'll notice it's quite often the same patterns which repeats over and over again. By only pointing out the unique patterns, and instructing which order to play them, there is usually no problems to reduce the tab to only two pages or less. And yet you have enough empty space to add both chords and lyrics to it - that way making it more complete than it was at the first stage.
When it comes to songs with only chords and lyrics, you can usually add several songs on the same page. Sometimes it is possible with up to four or five songs. Here it's also often possible to reduce space, for example if the chorus is the same you don't need it all written down again when it comes the second time (just write "CHORUS" instead).

Here I explain the idea of creating my tab archive more closely:

Here is a link to my tab archive:

Any thoughts about this? How do you store your tabs?
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I was going to suggest saving a few trees and NOT printing it, but considering the amount of time one looks at a tab, printing it might be the more environment-friendly option.
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I usually tab the whole song out like a guitar magazine would do. Unless the song is so basic that there's no reason to do it. But some songs aren't just copy paste jobs and I think it would do injustice to the song to sum it up that way.

Either way, what you're suggesting has been used in guitar mags for a long time. They use Rhythm Figure 1, 2, etc and Fill 1, 2 etc to take care of redundancy. Some songs even go straight through verse, bridge, chorus etc, then repeat. I've been trying to layer the lyrics over the same tabbed music to safe repetition.

Here's an example of one using multiple lyric lines and also using a version of repeats


I could've used rhythm figures and such buy I think this type of tab is easier to follow. Then this...


which is lazy and confusing and also by me so I'm allowed to say that. But it uses this idea and in the end it doesn't save that much space. It also doesn't have all the lyrics.

Here's an example of one that's long as crap but can't be any shorter


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