Which is better, and what are the differences?

Here's an example of 2 combos with the same amp but one being a 210 and the other a 115:



Which one should i get?
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Feedback much appreciated.

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the 210 will give you more clarity and allow you to cut through the mix more and the 115 will give you terrifying rumbly low end. they both have advantages so its really just up to you which is better. try playing through different 210's and 115's to get a feel for the tone,
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A 2x10 combo in my experience doesn't have enough bottom end for a rock band. Its not like I have a really boomy tone either, its just that the speakers don't go that low. Get the 1x15 unless you know EXACTLY what you are doing.
Id say the 1x15 so you can save and get a 2x10 later to pair with it.
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Definately get the 1x15; you really can't go wrong with it. 2x10s are wonderful for crapping out and giving minimal low-end response. And if you plan on recording with it, plan on having the thinnest tone you can imagine. If you want to play 5-string or detuned 4-string, the 1x15 will handle it much better than the 2x10 as well.
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^ +1, the best combination is both. Get one, add the other as an extension cab later.
Theres plenty of clarity on a 15".Its down to personnal preference, but i would choose, the 15" ther. The 2x10 lacks so much punch and low end, and is alot queiter.
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I would wait for a 4X10 maybe even a 6x10 or fridge.

Most people find it difficult to move a 6x10 or 8x10, a 4x10 is easier to do though, but this is for a combo isnt it.
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Fender MIA jazz bass
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Hartke lh 500
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Not all 2x10's sound the same, neither do 15's get the one that sounds best to you.