Alright, here's the deal. I'm cheap so I don't wanna buy batteries or new adapter for the pedal; instead, I'd like to use an old adapter to power up the echo...

I wanna ask if it's ok to marry two components mentioned above, with the components' specs saying this:

Fab echo has written on it: " (Required)Adaptor: 9 Volt, 300mA max, center negative"

+ -----------( *------------- - (this symboling minus). Da-1 recommended.

Random ac adapter I have says: "(Class 2 transformer) Input: 230V ~ 50Hz, Output: 9V --- 1000mA (9VA)"

- ------------( *-------------- +

Voltage is obviously right (which means that it won't get fried instantly) but what I'd really like to know is what meaning does the difference in amperes and "center positivity/negativity" (whatever that means: the pedal is negative, the adapter seems positive) will do to the pedal.
i did something similar once. what happened is that the adaptor stopped working after 2 minutes, but the pedal was fine. i ended up buying the cheapest 9v adaptor thats meant for pedals on ebay, which you should probably do too
The adapter is positive tip. The pedal is negative tip.
Because tyhe amperage is so much higher than the circuit is built to take, plugging in that reverse polarized power supply will most likely fry your pedal.
At the very least, it will not work.

Pedals are DC (direct current) meaning the electricity only flows in one direction. It is important to use a power supply that is correctly polarized for your pedal.
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Right, thanks for the reply.

I'll prolly scout a local hardware store and try to scavenge one. Shops and things like that are sorta scarce here (northernmost Finland). ****ty, though, could've ordered one from Thomann (as the echo was one among many things I bought).

Still interested in the technical stuff considering the topic, though
If you are a REALLY cheap dude or heinously broke, you can cut the wire to the tip, cross-wire it and put it back together. It's a bit of a hassle but it should work.

Still it is better to spend a few dollars and get a proper supply.