Hey everyone,
I am moving near chiacgo at the end of next month (plainfield IL) and i would really like to start or join a band! I am only 15 years old but I wanna be very serious and i can actually play! I wanna start something that is kinda like hard rock/rock like
three days grace
throw the fight

bands like that! if someone is interested please post here cuz i want to get serious and start playing shows! I have played shows in my past band and my band that i am moving from is headlining a show at our local venue in 2 weeks as a farewell show so i am used to playing in front of crowds!

The main thing i want to play is guitar but i am also a pretty good drummer to if that is needed but i would prefer guitar
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I play guitar sorry if i didnt specify that and Plainfield IL. Its like 30 minutes out of the city and its right next to Joliet if that helps! I hope we can work something out!
I just map quested it haha and from plainfield to Aurora it is only 20 minutes which is workable.. Are you already in a band or what?
yeah i am, the reason i asked is because im looking for a singer or screamer and i was wondering if possibly you were a singer
o i cant do that lol, if you know anyone else who is looking for a drummer or a guitar player please let me know!
yo i live in plainfield, what high school do you go to?
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