well its time to mod my lovley fender american stratocaster, normaly i would never do it but as the thing is allready moded as i noticed after buying it...

so im trying to do some elektronics first... right now it has 3 lace sensor gold pickups in the normal configuration with tone controlls for either the neck or the bridge and middle pickup

its universal routed so i'm putting in an new pickup at the bridge...

i'm gong to put another lace sensor (red) in bridge position, you switch the original 3 pickups with the 5 way switch and a push/pull pot should add the lace sensor red to the existing configuration. for example you switch to position 5 and the bridge lace sensor gold is activated... now you pull the pot and ad the lace sensor red, so it works in a humbucking way like the dually lace sensor humbucker... hope you get what i meen...

now here is the question.... how do i do that? can anyone tell me how to wire that thing?
i'm able to solder and have little knowledge in electronics but thats to much for me -.-

thanks for your help :-)
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So you're going to mount two pickups in the bridge cavity, have you gotten a pickguard that can hold them both so that they won't interfere with one another? There's a site http://www.deaf-eddie.net/drawings/drawings.html that has a bunch of wiring diagrams for custom type jobs on it, and if you email the guy who runs it he's really good about responding. He helped me out a bunch when I was doing a bunch of wiring mods. Hope that helps.
Easiest way to my mind would be to wire the two bridge in series and run the hot to the switch as per and the two joined wires to a pp pot as normal, only change it so that it's always split until the pp is pulled up activates the 2 SC in series. Only needs the ground switching from the 'top' lug to the 'bottom' lug if you see what I mean.

(One has to be RWRP for it to humbuck though, no matter how you wire it, see link below).


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