i don't like the guitar tone.

It might sound better if there was bass (if there was bass It was too low in mix.)

the leads are nice, but don't have endings, they should have tails which bring them to conclusion.

the riffs are cool, try syncopating parts of it though... cause the whole song is very similar riff wise.

the part at the end with the major/minor thirds is really cool.

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You've got some very cool rhythms in here especially the one that starts at about 0:30, has a very thrashy feel. Honestly though I didn't like the transition at 0:40. The riff at 1:20 has an oriental/middle eastern feel to it, very cool. I can feel some relation to Orion at certain parts of the song, kickass. You've got some pretty solid rhythm, this track was well executed, but I have to admit I wasn't a huge fan of the tone.

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Thanks both of you, I returned crits.

About the tone- I did something I normally wouldn't on this track. I double layered the rhythm guitar using different tones. One track has heavy distortion, and the other is a clean chorus. I agree they sound a bit odd especially at lower volumes. I mixed this to sound best cranked up, which is where they compliment eachother in some ways. The clean chorus guitar was meant to clarify fast picking parts, as with only the distorted guitar they seemed to sound a bit "squishy" if that makes sense.

Either way I'll fix up this track a bit when I get time. Thanks again.
The guitar tone is a bit flat and lifeless. The song is amazing though overall. The rhythm is hypnotic, almost psychadelic and my favorite parts are the wah leads. I thought at 4:03 a solo would have been cooler, although the chugging part is pretty cool. After you do some final tone tweaking I think you'll have a GREAT song.
I redid a lot on this track today. I overhauled the rhythm guitar tone, and also retracked it to 80/20 L and R. I re-recorded/changed 3 solos and 1 lead part. I re-levelled the drums, brought up the bass, and EQ'd the guitar a bit. The only thing I'm really limited by is that the bass track is actually a shifted guitar. It is there though.

Overall it should be a lot better now. Thanks to everyone for the feedback!
The new ton is somewhat better. That clean guitar in the background I hate though. It makes it just sound dull and actually throws off the tuning a little it sounds like. Good job on the computer drums, what did you use for them? The solos are nice and fit but they get kind of repetitive after a while. Actually I guess the entire thing gets kind of repetitive, Its the exact same rhythm through the entire song. Try switching it up once in a while, half the drums play against the guitar or vice versa. Good overall.

Weak ending though. It just stops.

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The drums were made using the Drumkit from Hell expansion for EZDrummer. It's a VST plugin so you can just drag and drop grooves into Reaper