I've got a couple of questions id like answers to so can someone please try help me?

1. What are ALL of the advantages of having the 75 watt version instead of the 30 watt (answer as many as you can thanks )

2. Whats on the CD that comes with the amp?

Please help
1) It has the power level thing so you can turn down the wattage. It also has the USB recording output.

2) It has a users guide, saves paper n stuff.
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1. The USB connection and extra volume, which is pretty unnecessary unless you're gigging because the 75 is insanely loud and the 30 is pretty loud anyway, it'll cover bedroom/practice use no worries. The power sponge on the 75 reduces the wattage, but it's pointless for bedroom use, it has little/no effect until you get to volumes of 6+
2. A few demo versions of Peavey programs like Revalver and Reaper, and the manual in pdf format.
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I just picked up a 30 on Wednesday, so far so good. Loud as hell, too loud really 'til I learned to tame it with the post gain.

Is the disc a DVD? It won't read at all on my home box (CD) but reads at work (DVD).
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I didn't get a disc with mine...

Anyways the 75 watt version has a power sponge, and a USB recording out. It's also louder and bigger. I own the 30 watt, but it can be really loud. I can't turn it past 5. The 30 watt also has a recording out.