I have a guitar and a bass with bolt-on necks and I wonder, that can I remove the neck from the guitars or bass body when changing strings, or will it destroy my guitar( I mean that can I put it easily back on it, or does it require something like nanometer accuracy when putting it back on the body of the instrument) I think that it is a easy operation, but I'm not sure....and sorry for my english
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....and sorry for my english

hey man the fact that you can speak another language still impresses me. i wish i could speak more than one language

but anyways. i don't think it's that big of a deal. i knew someone at school who put a fender neck on a squire guitar body and i don't think it messed anything up. if you are changing then neck completely then you should make sure that they are the same size and not too big or small. other than that, i don't think it's a big deal.
Not sure why you would want to remove the neck when you're changing strings, but yeah...it should just bolt back on. Its kind of hard to mess it up...as long as all 4 bolts (or 5, 6, depends on the guitar) line back up before you screw them back in.
yeah dude i have done this multiple times on my tele because its the only way to get to my wiring and **** inside

it goes back on the same

actually i added a tiny peice of like construction paper material behind the neck before putting it back on to make my action better