I was always under the impression that a rock opera was more like a novel in song form (like Tommy, where each song advances through one story), and a concept album was just an album with a bunch of songs that all kind of related to the same thing, but didn't tell any story (Darkside of the Moon bla bla bla). But I always see people use both terms interchangeably. I'm not crazy right... there is a difference.
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Yes, a rock opera is a form of concept album.

DSOTM is a concept album, but it's no rock opera.

The Wall is a rock opera, therefore it's a concept album.

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A rock opera is much more focused on a specific story, and a concept album is more of a particular theme for the whole album.

The Wall is a rock opera because it is the story of Pink and his seclusion from the world etc.
DSOTM is a concept album because it has a running theme of human vices, among other things.

So yes, you're pretty much right.
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its a type of concept album
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I always find that rock operas have more of a musical production feel to them, compared to concept albums.
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I thought that Rock Opera was just a cooler name for it. Obviously I was wrong in thinking that.

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rock operas are more vocal heavy bs like meatloaf. Concept album suggests musical skill in telling a story