I'm in a worship band, and I play electric rock guitar. On our fast songs plenty of distortion, and even some on the slow ones. I've been playing for about a year, not practicing as much as I should. Usually its power chords, maybe a few opens to fill it out, and slides on fast songs. On slow ones it would be acoustic open chords, which I'm best at.

Anyways, we were playing a fast song, and I was just hopping all over the fretboard hitting different notes and runs to fill it out with like 1 mistake the whole time, all improv. And on the slow ones, I stayed with electric and really filled it out. Everything just felt so right!
Yeah those days are great, where everything just flows for you and your improv is spotless, unfortunatly for me those days are few and far between, especialy in front of an audience.
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those days are epic. wish i had one 2 hours ago. i just got done jamming with bassist and i couldn't hit a pinch harmonic to save my life.
Yeah it's awesome, I remember a day where I played everything perfectly, it felt like heaven... then I woke up next morning and suddenly I even couldn't play sweet child o mine
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Yeah. That usually happens when I practise for an hour... Then stuff start to come to me and I can play almost anything if I put my mind to it.
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