I've recently been looking into replacing my AC30 with something a little heavier, i was looking into the Orange rocker 30 heads and Marshall JCM 2000 for a while, but i noticed Bugera did a range of tube amp heads that i wasn't aware of.

I was skeptical at first because they are owned by Behringer, now i own a lot of Behringer pedals and i personally believe they are fully up to Boss standard of tonal quality which kind of made me want to research these amps more.

So first of all are they any good? what kind of genre's are they aimed at?

and second of all, is it worth selling my AC30 for one? or should i just buy a decent distortion?

And finally, is it possible to load my AC30 with 6L6's? if so, does anybody have an idea of how it would sound?

IMO stick with the AC30,
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A JCM 2000 and Rocker 30 are above mention in the same sentence as a Bugera. Sure, Bugeras sound decent, but if you can afford the real thing, you won't regret it.

Maybe add a Bogner Alchemist to the mix...what's your budget?
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Well i guess i've got a budget of around £800, i would prefer not to spend as much as that if possible, although i would gladly go second hand.
Check out Carvin. Bugera. Made in China. They work great until they break in a few months.
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If you think the Behringer pedals are up to par with boss pedals tonal qualities, then I have the perfect amp for you!
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Theres a thread dedicated to Bugera amps so I would check that out (if you haven't already). As mentioned, they don't have the best QC department. However, most of the things that went wrong are easily repaired by a qualified amp tech. I played a 6262 and I loved it. Sounds amazing for a $500 head. I'm going to buy one in the near future. I'm also going to take it into the shop before I play it and have them give all the internals and connections a once over.
I think the BUgera will do you fine, if you're worried about build quality go here
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