I laughed so much...and then realized i'm prolly going to hell even though i'm a Christian. Christian school or not, i don't think they should have issued that extensive apology. I think maybe they should have shown just a tad more mercy, for the sake of good sportsmanship, but APOLOGIZING to that extent is a little silly.

Oh...go figure....it was a GIRL'S basketball team...

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Epic win. If you're going to pummel someone into submission, do it PROPERLY. Dont apologise you bloody nancies!

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What a load of ****
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I would not have apologised.
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What the hell? You have a team that seems to be better than a lot of pro teams, and you apologize? Because the other teams suck?

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...christians xD nao, seriously.. that was STUPID.. "not christ-like..." **** it, ur sad cus u got TRASHED :P
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The other team was mentally challenged, so yeah winnning 100-0 means nothing but the team that one is a bunch of Dbags, espically the coach.
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dude i would have been even more pissed off if the school came to apologize...their basicly saying "sry ur team sucked so bad we prolly shoulda had our players just stand around and wait for ur team to make sum points or sumthing. its messed up we didnt do tht..i mean..look at the score!"...and their praises of our team would hav come off to me and sarcastic insults..
It's funny a guy sitting across from me in the library just started talking about this as I was reading it! This is just funny. "Uh sorry we kicked your ass. We won't play anymore..maybe take up soccer, or something.."
That is ridiculous.

that's like - "Oh, we're sorry for COMPLETELY KICKING YOUR ASSES FAIR AND SQUARE !!"
On the topic of whiney singers.

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No apology was necessary, all they should have done was calm their offense down a bit. The other team was from a school that specialized in teaching students with some learning disabilities like ADD and stuff, not mentally retarded kids. I'm sure the school's 4 year no win streak isn't b/c of the students, but more so the fact that the school doesn't want to invest much time/money in a decent quality sports program.
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lol women and sports...
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I love that a school for people with short attention spans didn't dwell on the loss.
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I love that a school for people with short attention spans didn't dwell on the loss.

I don't know what to say....






Ah hell, all of the above.
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I love that a school for people with short attention spans didn't dwell on the loss.


Quite possibly the funniest thing I have heard all week. +1 to you sir
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Non-Christ Like!!?!?!

If Jesus was gonna play basketball, he'd damn well do it properly!
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Plum Team FTW!

They should have had some sportsmanship and not completely run up the score , but they don't need to forfeit. The team that scored 0 points obviously doesn't deserve to win.

It's funny how the people in the article were practically worshiping the losing team saying that they're "the real winners."

Made me chuckle.
I would have apologized for not making it a 200 point win. NEVER apologize for winning, apologize for losing, that apology makes it look like they are pitying the other team, which is just making them look worse. Bunch of dumbass softguts
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It said the losing school brags about small class sizes
not a very good crop to pick from for the teams
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Basketball sucks anyways.
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How did the other team allowed a 0-100 shutout loss? God gave them a sign, and that was to never, ever play basketball again.
This reminds me of my younger days when I went to a Christian school. They forced all the males to play basketball because the school was so small. We were beating some other school by like 50 to 0 and my coach made us be "lenient" and "let the other team score" so as to be gracious. At the time, it was a nice thought. Looking back, we should have just destroyed the other team for sucking so much. Christianity, always trying to be nice and usually taking it to stupid places.
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sad...i completely agree with the coach. that was a dick move by the school. i hope a lotta people petition and get him back in there.
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LOL. How can you not score at all? Seriously? An NBA team shouldn't be able to totally shut you out. All you need is functional use of your arms and you'll eventually score. . .

They shouldn't apologize. It said they were shooting tres during the second half, that's letting up enough for me.
thats ridiculous

you don't need 2 apologize, just laugh
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The article says they let up in the last 4 minutes. True competitors don't do that. True competitors fight to the end, and massive props to Dallas Academy for doing so.
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