Hey guys, basically i want the opinion of people on whether its wothwhile taking computing and ICT at a level or are they just far to similar.
I ask because a friend of mine is picking his choices soon and the careers women is ill and the ict teachers obv want him to take both to bolster the number in their classes.

So anyone with an opinion or experience please post it coz that be helpful lol

Thanks guys
What exam board?

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Computing, yes it's worthwhile, well respected.

ICT - Don't do it, it's considered a soft subject by MANY uni's, and isn't needed at all for a degree with computers. Avoid it.
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I do Computing (AQA), and there is a lot of work involved, but does help a lot if going into a career/university. It involves the more 'advanced' theory behind how stuff works, like hardware, networks, different computer systems etc, as well as a fair bit of programming. ICT involves the use of programs and stuff surrounding that stuff, and i wouldnt recommend it, as it doesn't cover the main aspects of computing which may be useful for careers (unless you do IT consultancy or whatever).
Im currently in my 2nd year of "ICT Practitioners" 1st year wasnt so bad, programming, web design etc, then comes the 2nd year, we had been told it will be full of "hands on" work (i took this course believing i would be working more on the hardware side of computing)...wrong

Course changed to "IT & Business"

So after being reassured that i would be taking apart and building pcs in my 2nd year i am now sitting with 6 assignments that all use access, excel and front page in some way ........

Be careful when picking courses, they easily go wrong and magically change ( that could just be my tech, its pretty hopeless)
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I do AS level computing at the moment and will be continuing it next year. i am enkoying it and like doing the coding and ****. dont do ICT its a rubbish choice and uni's dont look on it too well as it just teaches you to use ms works mainly whickis a bit bull****. so yeah computing>ICT
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