hey i know everyones probaly sick of the whole 'what guitar should i buy thing', but i could really do with some help. i pretty much know nothing about guitars apart from how to play them.

i've currently got an ibanez rg350dx as an electric guitar and i want a electro / acoustic guitar (acoustic guitar with pickup) and seeing as i dont know anything about woods and stuff i need some help. my guitar teacher said to make sure that the top is solid wood aswell as making sure its cedar, because he said that cedar wood lasts longer and gives off better bass, and not to buy a spruce top cos they start to lose there 'bright' sound after a while

anyway, iv been looking at the ibanez aw85ece http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/ibanez-aw-85ece/69080 , i live in england and im at school so i can get it thru the school without v.a.t. so im going to use this website to buy it.
my highest price i wud go up to is around 300 pounds. id prefer one that has a cutaway because i think it looks better + can go up higher

so can someone tell me about the different types of wood and if this guitar is worth the buy?

p.s. sorry for writing an essay
ovation is really good, but kinda expensive
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Look on Thomann.de at the Ovation range. There are nice models in the CC22 series within your price or the CC44 at just above. I love the sound of Ovations but maybe you don't like roundbacks? Ovation are, of course, specialists in acoustic guitars which is, I think, a bonus over a specialist in electrics also offering a few acoustics to fill out the range. (the Koa is my favourite)
try a Yamaha FGX 730 acoustic/electric. It is one of the best acoustic/electrics under $600 bucks. Got mine for a little over $500. Great guitar!
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Wow....well your teacher has no idea what he's talking about then. Actually, while cedar is more bassy, that makes it a bit muddier sounding when you strum. I prefer spruce myself.

Ok, now for my suggestions. Seagull S6 Original w/ Q1 electronics Solid spruce top, laminate wild cherry back and sides. This a a truely incredible sounding guitar for the price you pay, and it comes equipped with very good electronics.

Takamine. Every guitar on that page except for the EG440C, EG561-C, EG341C, and G406S, have at least a solid top, and Takamine is known for having great plugged in tones as well as great unplugged tone.

You should probably shy away from Ibanez acoustics. Sure, you love their electrics, but that is what they focus on. The acoustic division is like Ibanez's bastard child. They have poor craftsmanship, and their QC and customer service are both horrible (ask redking14ca. I think that's his username at least.)

Now, for a quick lesson in online specs. If the description doesn't say "solid" next to the wood, then it is more than likely laminate.

Here's what I'm talking about:
Solid Spuce = solid wood
Select Spruce = laminate
Spruce = laminate

Also, I feel obliged to ask this. Why do you want an A/E? Will you be gigging with it? If you aren't going to be gigging with it then you don't need electronics. In fact, buying an A/E when you won't be plugging in is a waste of money. You see, an A/E with good electronics will be about $200 more than the same guitar without electronics (example: Seagull S6 Original). And that $200 that didn't go into electronics can be put toward a much better "pure acoustic" guitar.
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i had a look around at the takamine models and i saw the eg341sc, eg361sc and EG531SSC, not the eg341c (the eg341sc is solid top, eg341c isnt)

and about the gigging thing, yea i will be gigging every now and again and I don't like having to carry a pickup around and think itl just b generally handier (is that a word?)

it's in my price range (eg341sc is £211, eg361sc is £280, and EG531SSC is £302) anyone got any opinions?

eg341sc http://www.takamine.com/index.cfm?fa=detail&mid=2003&sid=524

eg361sc http://www.takamine.com/index.cfm?fa=detail&mid=1982&sid=524

EG531SSC http://www.takamine.com/index.cfm?fa=detail&mid=877&sid=524

only diffrence i see is that the eg361sc is rosewood on the back and sides, whilst the eg341sc is mahogony on the back and sides, eg531scc has sepele wood on back and sides, and the back is solid sepele, the pickup is also different, as is the tuner

would appreciate any help, thanks in advance