Poll: What flavor do you like on your popcorn?
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View poll results: What flavor do you like on your popcorn?
Dill Pickle
3 10%
Cheese (White Cheddar, Cheddar)
3 10%
0 0%
Sour Cream & Onion
1 3%
11 38%
0 0%
Extra Buttery
11 38%
Voters: 29.
After seeing the doritos thread and eating my popcorn, I thought, what kinds of flavorings are there for popcorn, and what does the pit like?

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Popcorn flavour.
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You have a Cardinals avatar, you're awesome.

But uh, I personally just like butter on my popcorn.
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Crazy flavours. We only really have salt, sweet and toffee over here.
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Man that's badass.


Popcorn + Tobasco Sauce is real good too.

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I fucking love popcorn, by the way.

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Some guy came up with these new liquor and beer flavored popcorn. Must taste so gross.

That would be vile. A travesty to popcorn everywhere.
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Caramel ftmfw!
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BBQ? WTF? Dunno, popcorn is good all around. Though Kettle Korn is amazing.
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Flavoured Popcorn?!?!?! There is No God!
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I like my popcorn unpopped and fresh from the fields.
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Dill Pickle > All

that would be true if we were talking about sunflower seeds...otherwise it's not really good on anything else.
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Dill Pickle > All

Wow, I didn't even know that was a flavor. Sounds effing disgusting. My brother would love it, though.

I gotta go with caramel. Mmm.....
What the hell kind of flavours are those? Salted, Sweet & Toffee FTMFW.
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