I've been playing over a year now, so I want to upgrade my gear. I usually play hardrock/metal.

My current gear is:

squier standard stratocaster
roland cube 15w

I have about 600 euro's to spend. Should I upgrade my guitar first or my amp? I don't play gigs at the moment, but I will play them in the near future ( nothing big, just local ones )
If you are gonna start gigging I would say get a new amp. I only upgraded my guitar first because I only play at my house right now.
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Guitar, cant stand squires, get a decent epiphone.
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amp. with that much you can get a decent tube amp. i.e. blackheart amp's, b-52 at112, valveking, fender blues junior, the list goes on.
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Amp. Im not sure how much it would be in euros, but a bugera might suit you really well. Its 600 USD, and im fairly certain that will leave you with a little left over for a good pedal
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