Hey I use a Squire Strat and am wondering if that's good for pinch harmonics?
I do the technique right with the thumb hitting the string right after the pick but only get a high pitched sound and not a squeal. I tried bending the note too but it fades away very soon. I have lots of distortion on too.
What's the problem?
a pinch harmonic IS a high pitched sound - making them squeal is the hard part, that comes from your vibrato.
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vibrate the string up and down widely and quickly. also where you pinch the string makes a difference.
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Is there another way?

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Vibrato...and lots of it.

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..move your finger up and down
use bridge pickup
G string 9th fret is the best spot
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You don't need a whammy bar, make sure the tone/volume knob is pretty high and you have lots of gain. As someone else above already said, the part of the string you pinch makes a difference.
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use your bridge pickup also humbuckers are good for this kinda thing
I'm trying it with Amplitube at the moment through my computer
But when I use my effects pedal g2.u1 distortion pedal through my USB and Amplitube with that too it seems to work a bit better but not much.
its going to be hard with just single coils if thats what you just have your going to have the find the sweet spot on your guitar
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