Yo, I'm getting uh, irked, by my first and so far only guitar. I got it very cheap, and it's just not that great; so I figured, what the hell, why not make a new one? I've got an 'in' with a luthier, so I have a resource in that he can do routing, setting up intonation, all that jazz, on the proviso that all the aesthetics are handled by me. No problem, right?


I wanted to go get an Explorer style body, but one that's harder than my current one (it's a Gibson knock off, round edges, want something a little more ESP like.) And it's turned into a nightmare hunt.

It seems NOWHERE on the internet sells blank Explorer bodies. It's all fender strat style stuff. At this point, it honestly seems easier for me to carve up my own block of wood and hope for the best...

Just a shot in the dark here; anyone on this board know where I can pick up a 'hard edged' Explorer body?
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Warmoth is damned expensive but it's worth it... the wood is good and the pieces are made well. I'd say ash isn't really the most ideal wood for an explorer type tone. For that, go for either mahogany or limba/korina.
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