Im trying to learn "The Words Best Friend Become Redefined" By Chiodos.. the *correct* way, which is to mute the low D while you play the intro, I can play the intro just fine without muting the D, but trying to mute the D *and* play the notes on the A and middle D gives me huge issues.

Either the low D overpowers the sounds of the A and Middle D, or I accidentally palm mute A and middle D and it all sounds like crap.

Any tips to help out? (aside from "just practice man!", I know I need to practice, but Im looking for anything to *help* me practice)

Im on a Cube 15, is there anything I can do with the amp to turn down the "volume" on the low D? It seems to overpower any higher notes. (Bass is at 4 on my EQ currently)
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