On the comments under the Alexi article that came out today, someone said he uses just one volume and one pickup because there are less pots and therefore better tone..

I don't know about guitar wiring so is this true?
not massively noticably, alexi like many guitarists just doesnt use the tone knob, full tone all the time. i doubt he took tone sucking into account when he decided he didnt need one.
not completely sure, but i think so
i've herd of a guitar someone built that had just one pup wired directly to the output jack(he uses a volume pedal i guess) and it had an insanely strong output level due to the lack of soldered connections
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Doubt anyone would notice the difference but in theory having no pots at all would be the the truest signal.
Actually its a pretty noticable difference...

My Ibanez has one pickup, one volume knob and compared to my ESP with 2 volumes 1 tone it has a pretty substainal boost in level and tone.

Also know a few guys that don't install any pots at all.. Just pickup straight to the jack
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'Tone' pots cut off the treble frequencies.
Even if you have it set to the max, it's still not as bright as not having one.
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Yup Emg 81's in both and im using the emg pots that came with them as well.

aye but diff woods, surely the esp is mahogany giving a heavier tone.

i may be talking out my ass.
yeah, i think so. depends on how badly you need the tone pot... like most things guitar-related it's a balancing act between having all the features you need without destroying your tone...
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aye but diff woods, surely the esp is mahogany giving a heavier tone.

i may be talking out my ass.

Its actually Alder so a brighter wood... Also Emg's arent effected as much as passives when it comes to wood selection and add in the level increase which wood also has no effect on.

But you did get the one part about them being different woods correct lol