Hey guys, could you help me out on this one
(dont suggest buyin new amp though, i will get a new one when my band gets serious, a cabinet shouldnt cost that much anyway no?)

I got this TFX1 laney amp, and there's this output for 'extension loudspeaker', in the manual (technical specification section) there's a grid that shows 'extension Loudspeaker 50 watts ' .....

So it probably means the cabinet should have 50watts, but can't find any laney cabinets suiting this feature..... Or should brand not matter here? Could you guys suggest a cabinet for me?

Thanks in advance !
I may be mistaken but I think it means that your cab should be able handle a minimum of 50 watts coming from the head so it doesn't flake out on you. If thats the case, you can find tons of cabs.
any suggestions then ?
The cabinet should have atleast 8 ohms impedence, max. 300 euro, and my amp is 50RMS and my goal is to play louder (duno rly howmuch watts i should get)...
What is really important is to make sure you ohms match or you could fry your head. If you head is 8ohms the cab should be rated at 8ohms. If you head is 8ohms but the cabinet is rated at 4ohms...bad!!! You could use a 16ohm cab safely but you wouldn't be powering the speaker 100%
Read my article in the collumns/gear mantenance and it should answer all your questions. Ifyour amp is 50W then any speaker which is rated 75W or higher should be fine. If you have an extension socket then Laney think the amp can take it. Any brand will do but the ohms could be important. * ohms should be fine.