Ive been looking around for a Epiphone G400 but i cant figure out why a G400 Vintage and G400 Faded cost so much less than a G400? Can someone explain this? Also, whats the difference between a G400 Vintage and G400 Faded? Thanks
i dont know specifically, but I would guess the pickups are one reason for difference? I know Epiphone comes out with a lot of custom and variations of the G-400 that really the only differences are either colors or pickups. Mine is custom alpine white with EMG's. I really wanted the color more than EMG's, but I love it!
It's the finish... much less labor intensive.
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If the cheaper ones have the same pickups go with them, and dont forget, you can always upgrade the pups
The only difference as far as i have been able to tell is the finish. The satin finish i guess costs less to put on than the glossy finish.
I found that the faded finish is more comfortable to hold than the glossy finish.