Need some help. Ok so I have an Mbox 2 Pro and I want to record some live drums using Pro Tools. Does anyone know of a good way to set this up. I have a shure drum mic kit that has 2 toms, snare, kick, and 2 overheads. My m-box has 6 inputs. Two in front for Direct In, and four in back. For the overheads I need to use phantom power because they are condensers, the rest are dynamic mics. Can anyone using Pro Tools help me out? Need to find a way to connect all of these so that I can mic this whole kit. Thanks.
Ok I do have a mixer. It is a Boss BR-1600. It has 8 mic inputs but I am not sure if it has phantom power. Would I need to run everything thru the mixer, then somehow run it into my m-box for Pro Tools?
Ok well your 2 front inputs SHOULD have phantom power (it might just say +48v)
For the others, chuck it into your mixer and then use the direct outs (if you dont have direct outs then use the insert outs but only plug the cable in half way until you feel it hit resistance before going right it) and there you go.